The Enchanté Network
Brand Identity 

Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival

Brand identity and logo guide for The Enchanté Network / Le réseau Enchanté, "an intersectional, thriving Two-Spirit, gender and sexually diverse network that connects, enriches and sustains healthy, vibrant, decolonized communities from coast to coast to coast." The Enchanté Network approached me looking for a logo that was representative of their work supporting queer communities, without using the elements typically found in queer-identified design (i.e., rainbows, pink triangles, etc.)

This project involved a lot of research on queer design history. We landed on a mark and typography that are very inspired by the roots of the LGBTQ2SI+ movement, particularly in the Gay Liberation movement of the 1960's through to the 1980's.

Project Type: Brand Identity

Project Type: Brand Identity

Date: February 2020

enchanté network brand guide